Friday, June 19, 2009

How to Raise Smarter Babies

Today's parents are much more competetive than the parents of our generation. In my work as a teacher I have had the chance to meet quite a handful of these parents. I don't blame them for one really has to be competitive if he wants to succeed in the real world.

I have listed down some tips on how to make your babies smarter and I hope this post will be of great help to all the parents of this generation, competitive or not.

1. Eat all the right foods if you are pregnant. Be sure to drink milk and eat seafood which is a good source of iodine.
2. Make it a habit to talk to your baby inside the womb. Research show that newborn babies already respond to the native language of their parents.
3. Always talk to your baby even if he is just a day old.
4. Play classical music in his nursery.
5. Give him toys with different textures and shapes.
6. Read to your baby and show him the pictures on the book.
7. Remember that the first three years of your child's life is the most crucial part of his development. Give him plenty of activities that would not only allow him to use his brain but would also give him the chance to to develop his fine and gross motor skills.

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